Using social media to find the right customers for your business

FD Global Connections is a unique business that helps startups accelerate their expansion into either the US or Australian markets. As it prepared to launch its first program, geared toward Australian FinTech startups, founder and CEO Trena Blair knew that social media and digital marketing would play an integral role in securing a quality cohort.

I worked with the FD Global team to establish and launch its Twitter and LinkedIn channels, assisted with its eDM campaigns and developed a social media content and advertising strategy designed to build awareness of the program and drive high-quality applications. As part of the advertising strategy, we also developed a targeted LinkedIn Sales Navigator campaign to ensure personalised outreach to relevant founders and entrepreneurs.

FD Global Connections was able to meet its application goal ahead of schedule and is now preparing to kick off its first Australian FinTech program in New York City.


What they had to say…

“It was great having Lauren’s expertise and support throughout this project – from planning, right through to the end. Her insight and execution resulted in high-quality applicants for our program and she was able to share her knowledge and help us learn more about how we can use social media to propel the business forward in the future,” said Trena Blair, Founder and CEO, FD Global Connections.


Lots of businesses know they need to use social media, but aren’t sure where to start. Having a strategy that links back to your business goals is critical for success. If you’d like to find new customers or connect and engage the ones you already have, get in touch today for a free consultation.