Creel Price is a leading Australian entrepreneur and angel investor who has worked closely with hundreds of startup founders. As the CEO and co-founder of Investible, author of the best-selling business book The One Thing to Win at the Game of Business and an in-demand speaker, Creel has incredible insight to share with entrepreneurs and investors. In fact, Sir Richard Branson described Creel as “the living, breathing definition of an entrepreneur” in his book Screw Business as Usual.

As he already had more than 140,000 LinkedIn followers, Creel knew the platform would be a valuable tool to help him reach startups and those looking to develop their entrepreneurial skills. But balancing a busy schedule made it difficult for Creel to consistently produce high-quality content. LinkedIn growth was sporadic and he did not have time to test new content ideas, such as video posts.

He tasked Latitude Content with developing a new content strategy for LinkedIn to reenergise and grow his following and ensure his followers had access to timely, valuable insight and IP. Within the first three months, Creel had gained more than 22,000 followers – without investing in any advertising spend. His posts generated 290,000 views, with strong engagement from his LinkedIn articles. Article views increased by 67%, and there has been a 75% increase in engagements such as Comments, Likes and Shares. With a little help, Creel’s expertise is now reaching more entrepreneurs than ever.

What he had to say…

“Working with Lauren and Latitude Content has brought a new level of strategy to my social media channels. An active and growing LinkedIn presence used to be a ‘nice to have’ but now, I can see firsthand how social media can lead to new business opportunities and strengthen my profile both on and offline,” said Creel.

“I look forward to exploring new, creative ways to use insightful content to engage with entrepreneurs, social enterprises and investors.”

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